Development Projects

Westland Industries develops and redevelops commercial and retail projects throughout southern California. At Westland we pride ourselves on exceeding project expectations and creating a business environment that suits local merchants and national tenants alike.

Working closely with city agencies, community leaders and tenants creates an effective synergy that enables us to design and construct quality developments that transform their surroundings.  Westland properties distinguish themselves as strong assets for their communities and profit generating centers for their tenants.

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New Opportunity in Downey

Downey East

Success at Downey Gateway !

From Grand Opening to 100% Occupied


Why Downey

Downey is a unique community in the heart of Southern California that combines the best of both large and small. An active city of 110,000 people, Downey nevertheless maintains a friendly small town atmosphere. It is a place of pride, history, involvement, and community. Downey is recognized for its centralized location, top medical facilities, quality residential neighborhoods and schools, excellent golf courses, and an unmatched family lifestyle. In fact, Downey has been rated in the top 25% of "100 Best Cities to Do Business in California" by California Business Magazine. Downey's winning formula can be the key to your business success. Come discover Downey, the place where America began its journey to the stars.