Development Projects

Westland Industries develops and redevelops commercial and retail projects throughout southern California. At Westland we pride ourselves on exceeding project expectations and creating a business environment that suits local merchants and national tenants alike.

Working closely with city agencies, community leaders and tenants creates an effective synergy that enables us to design and construct quality developments that transform their surroundings.  Westland properties distinguish themselves as strong assets for their communities and profit generating centers for their tenants.

Westland. Staying ahead of the curve...



Newly Developed

Through careful asset management, planning and growth, Westland has built an impressive portfolio of development projects.

We enjoy a unique competitive advantage through the support of a fully staffed in-house management team. The team closely oversees every aspect of each of our projects from planning through implementation to leasing and consumer experience.  




Drawing on our well established field expertise and proven track record of over 40 years, we consistently design relevant, environmentally responsible and culturally attuned properties.

A dedicated on-staff team of engineering, architectural and construction professionals enables us to meet project deadlines and exceed expectations with confidence and assurance.

Building on this year’s successful openings, we expect to be breaking ground on additional projects in Bell, Paramount, Torrance, Downey, La Puente and Hesperia within the next 12 months.